Oct 20, 2017

Do you love the Hoot? 

Mike + Ruthy seek enthusiastic, creative people to join our Hoot Hero team in the following capacities. If you are interested or know someone who would be a good fit, please reach out directly to Ruth at (914) 466-8334 or hoot@ashokancenter.org. 

Volunteer Co-ordinator
• volunteer outreach before the Hoot
• vetting, answering questions, and scheduling all volunteers in helptheherd
• communication with team leaders before during and after the Hoot
• entering positive/negative feedback into helptheherd
• co-ordinating the flow of volunteer check-in and check-out at the Hoot
• finding creative solutions during the Hoot to solve whatever issues come up
• thanking all team leaders and volunteers after the Hoot
• working to connect with the most helpful volunteers, to keep them engaged

This job is likely to take 2-4 hours/week in the 3 months before each Hoot, 10 hours/week in the 2 weeks before each Hoot, and at least 50 hours during Hoot week. The pre & post festival work is currently volunteer/unpaid, but we offer food, lodging and a stipend for work performed at the Hoot itself, plus immense gratitude and support in the form of strong teamwork. 

Sponsorship & Fundraising Co-ordinator
• envisioning new avenues for Hoot funding
• expressing the value of the Hoot in new and compelling ways
• asking large organizations and local businesses to support the Hoot thru program ad sales, sponsorship packages
• researching and applying for grants
• obtaining physical donations for our raffles & auctions
• helping to create spring & fall Hoot fundraising events in the community

This job could annually take anywhere from 50-300 hours of your time depending on your enthusiasm and motivation, and could be divided amongst multiple people with specific areas of interest/skill. We're offering to pay a 10% commission on all new money that is raised. Over the years, several people have expressed the desire to grow our fundraising/sponsorship potential - are you the person who will finally take us there? 

Each year the Winter Hoot and Summer Hoot welcome about 2000 people to enjoy an accessible, multi-generational experience in music and nature. With the support of the Ashokan Staff, about a dozen Hoot Heroes, and about 100 more volunteers, the festivals are more wonderful each year! We are grateful for the beautiful human infrastructure… this team of creative co-conspirators who love the work of community-building, who delight in the positive power of fun, education, dance, singing, and being together, who believe in the Hoot! Thank YOU!!

Mike + Ruthy
festival co-founders/producers